Maize Starch

Maize Starch, also known as Cornflour or Corn Starch, is obtained from corn or maize grain. It is one of the important ingredients used in making soups and sauces. This ingredient can be easily modified and used in making textiles, adhesives and paper items.

Pregel Starch

Pregel Starch is a crucial food thickener and stabilizer that find great use in candy, pudding, salad dressing, soup mixes and more food items. It is known as a wonder binding and thickening ingredient that also works as a filling ingredient in tablets.

Paper Industry Starch

Our Paper Industry Starch is completely pure and ideal for making various grades of paper. We supply starch in powder form and support small and large scale paper manufacturers in producing finest class papers. We supply this start in regular packaging sizes.

Textile Industry Starch

Do you want to improve texture, appearance and feel of fabrics? Then, stop and shop for our Textile Industry Starch. Our offered starch is ideally used in textile finishing and printing process and appreciated for enhancing strength and durability of textile.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our company is most trusted for obtaining maize starch for Pharmaceutical Industry. We have standard pack sizes of maize starch, which is used as filler, binder and diluent. It also works as a disintegrant, which efficiently breaks capsules and tablets in small fragments.



Our offered Sweetener is appreciated by small and large scale food processing companies for improving coating strength and hardness of a variety of sugary delights. We serve our quality processed sweetener in various pack sizes so as to satisfy diverse clients demands.

White Dextrin

White Dextrin is obtained from starch and is majorly used for finishing and making textiles stiff; enhancing crispiness of food; binding ingredients in tablets and more. We have 151, 121 and 171 grade of white colored dextrin available at nominal prices.

We deal in bulk quantity orders.
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